Periculum - my second raycaster with textured walls. Download

Raycasters - a archive containing 16 raycaster, made by some of the most

famous QB programers, with their source codes.

Radiation Maze - my first raycaster, not anything special but worth of downloading Download

Sound maker - simple sound program, wich you generate sound by pressing keys


House Robber - I don't remember very well but I thinks that this was my first game Download
BGUI - fake OS, first GUI version of it, it's really big and loads programs outside of it Download
BannanaOS 2.0 - newest version of BannanaOS not so different from it's prequal Download
BannanaOS 1.5 - better than it prequal but still nothing special Download

BannanaOS 1.1 - this was my first big project (even thoe it isn't big it was too me), I

was very proud of it and I still am