A new video! (24 December, 2011)

A new video of an old game, check out the Procjects page to see a youtube video of Periculum II, possible Sewers!



New games! (7 August, 2011)

I'm still making raycaster, the last one i made has textured walls and ceilings with real textures not one liners like Periculum

and it has primitve shading system that slows everything down because it draws black transperent lines on already drawn


The seconde game is a terraria game currently in progress, it has a world gerator and you can move a green block around

but I have problem with collision detection and jumping because there are no real physics....

For more info check out Projects section.



New game! (9 March, 2011)

I'm working on a RPG game. The engine is pretty simple but making inventory, bank, dialogs could be a little problem.



New site design(20 December, 2010)

If you have ever been to my site you can see a huge change! I personally designed this site and it came out pretty good!

Also I have updated Downloads section with new stuff so check it out.