Sewers (new raycaster):

I have made a lot progress from my last raycaster. This one has mapped floors, ceilings and walls with real textures not like

Periculum. I inted to make it a game with a few levels, probbably mazes with secrets.I will try to add water by side but I don't

know what how will that end up. Here are two screenshots of it:



Terraria clone:

If you have ever player or seen a video of Terraria then you probbably know what it's like but if you haven't check out the

screenshot. It's in a early stage still as I mentioned in the news section there are problems with collision detection and

jumping because it's not a physics based engine. For now you can move a green block around a random generaited




Periculum is my second raycaster made in QB64. It doesn't have floor or ceiling mapping but it does wall. It's not a fancy

raycaster linke those you can find in Downloads section but still it's something.

I'm not working on this game the whole time I spend on the computer so

I doubt there are going to be any major updetes in a while.

If you have any questions about it, feel free to e-mail me!



BannanaOS was one of my first projects. Frist few versions were TUI-like, but the came BGUI. BGUI was something between

a GUI and a TUI but also it wasn't something special, it was huge and had tons of files that were needed to run him. Then

came BGUI II, a real GUI. I haven't realeased it and I probabbly never will. It had mouse support lots of apps and really

looked good but it had lots of bugs. And now I am working on BannanaOS 5 (BGUI III). It has a nice interface, command line,

programming language and more. Here are some screenshots of BannanaOS 5:

Picture 1: command line, pic 2 desktop